The Story of TNT Productions

TNT Productions was a brain child in August 2016; I was working on my first portfolio website and trying to figure out what would be the best, catchiest way to get attention-- for me, it turned out to be using my initials.

Like many young, still-in-college millennials, I was scared to branch out and start something myself.

But "TNT Productions" kept nagging me; it kept telling me that it was something to grab the reins and go forward with.

So I did. As of Fall 2018, TNT Productions was officially born.

Our mission statement: "TNT Productions is a multimedia freelance and production studio that specializes in video and photographic content as well as social media and writing work. Fighting for the underdog, we believe that the power of representation in media and the importance of having everyone’s story told. We hope to inspire and produce creative content that includes everyone and changes the society we live in for the better. With our customers and our audience as dual priorities, we will ensure to work to the best of our potential to help achieve all that expected in personal and professional wants. Together, we will help provide voices for those who don’t have one or need to be heard more."

While there will be many hurdles to overcome, we believe as a studio that creativity and a strong voice will overcome it. After all, it's compassion and creativity that inspires change.

We hope you give us a chance to help your voice be heard.

Sincerely (and many thanks!),

Taylor Townsend

Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of TNT Productions