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Social media is a rising and growing industry where companies and individuals alike can get noticed and grow their business and interests.

We believe that sometimes, though, having another set of eyes helps grow the platform. We offer consultations, content creation, and distributions.

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Social Media Consultation


What does your platforms look like currently?

Pros v. Cons.



General idea of what needs to change with each platform, if necessary.



Going forward with the recommendations for each platform in a way that is achievable, including possibly posting days, times, kinds of content, and users to follow.



If there is anything specific to look at that doesn't fit in a specific category above, it goes here.


Content Creation and Distribution
Product Picture for Instagram

Picture taken of coptic stitch journal for Book Arts Collaborative in Muncie, IN. Fall 2018

Halloween Logo

Halloween-themed logo for Ball State University's Sigma Tau Delta Chapter in Muncie, IN. Fall 2018

Quoted Banner, Example 1

Banner made for St. Francis of Assisi Newman Center and Parish's online newsletter, accessed at Fall 2017

Quoted Banner, Example 2

Banner made for St. Francis of Assisi Newman Center and Parish's online newsletter, accessed at Winter 2017

Submission Reminder Graphic

Graphic made for The Broken Plate literary magazine as their submission window closed for their spring issue. Fall 2017

Holiday-Themed Post

A picture featuring letterpress work to celebrate National Pumpkin Day for Book Arts Collaborative, based in Muncie, IN. Fall 2018


Digital pictures taken and edited to fit social media platforms.


Using and Adobe Photoshop, graphics made to give more information about events, notices, etc.


Banners created for newsletters, social media headers, and more.


Given permission from the owner, social media platforms will be accessed to plan distribution of posts.