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RE: Our 2020 Spring Grad Sale

To our high school and college graduates—

We hope you are finding time to celebrate your successes during this time. Although it is incredibly important to be staying home and washing your hands at this time, it’s understandable to be missing the milestones of your senior years. Graduation, prom/various dances… they’re all being pushed back or cancelled because of things out of all of our hands.

With that being said, it is understandable to be disappointed at the lost opportunities, too. We are disappointed with things we are missing in life here at TNT Productions as well.

We would like to extend our Spring Grad Sale to an Extended Graduation Sale for any and all who are interested. The price will remain the same for sessions (price info will be located at the bottom of this page), but our deadline for appointments will be pushed back to August 31st, 2020. A whole two months for the losses we’re all encountering at the moment. Since high school students are also missing out on a lot of milestones, we wanted to give them a chance to receive photos, too-- even if it is after the facts.

While we will and would be practicing social distancing and other safe practices if an appointment were to be booked for the moment, we also understand that there are hesitations from and for all of us about booking appointments that would happen sooner rather than later. That is why we pushed out the date; by all of our efforts, we hope for TNT Productions and other businesses to start picking up operations again in June or July. That way, all seniors who are losing a chance to commemorate their milestones might have the opportunity to make up for it.

If there are any questions about this sale extension, prices, qualifications, please let us know by DM-ing us on our social media platforms or emailing us at

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