Why, Hello There.

Hello! I hope this post finds you safe and well during this unsteady time. This post comes in way too late as #covid19 rages on, but— better late than never, right?

For us (well, me) during this time, I find myself working out the best way to address the situation as TNT Productions without showing the nerves or impatience of the situation.

What about our clients? What about all of the events that they’re missing out on, like graduation, engagements, weddings, etc.? What about all of the treasures they’re missing by the power of social distance?

Really, that’s not what TNT Productions’ mission statement is about, though. Instead, we are storytellers that believe messages of hope matter, no matter the form. Whether it’s an in-person treasure or not, media across all platforms can make a difference to a person. Stories are the way that we have managed to preserve ideas and traditions throughout time.

Now is a time where the world really needs stories to inspire them.

During this difficult time, expect us to be active on our platforms as well as exploring other possible platforms (YouTube and TikTok, maybe?) to provide stories when and where we can. Likewise, expect updates about our Spring Grad Sale and more in the upcoming weeks as we continue to mill out the smaller details about the current situation.

As an itty-bitty, not-enough-developed small business, we are fighting our own during this time.

However, we are not alone— we have all of you as friends and supporters during this trying time! Our hope, through our communications and stories, to cement a community of encouragement, hope.

We can’t wait to see you guys in person again, soon.

But for now, a virtual hug will have to suffice.

Much love,

Taylor Townsend

Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of TNT Productions