URGENT: TNT Productions is Moving to Florida!

Well-- at least from May until January 2020, TNT Productions will be in Florida. Our Founder, CEO, and Creative Director (and only person permanently on the company...) is moving to Florida to participate in the Disney College Program. If you visit Florida between May and December (January will mostly be based in traveling), be sure to say hi or request for possible services!

Does that mean that TNT Productions is permanently moving and will not be available in Indiana anymore?

Not necessarily.

Because this program is from May until January 2020 (January 2nd, specifically), there is not guarantee about where TNT Productions will be moving next.

But what about before the move? When will TNT Productions' services no longer be available for Indiana?

As of right now, TNT Productions will no longer serve the Indiana area in terms of photography and video as of May 15th, 2019. However, social media services are still available via digital spaces. Consultation services can be provided via email and face-to-face consultation meetings can be conducted via Skype (Skype username to be determined).

What about (project name here)?

That project is still in the works! Although there will be a temporary hiatus, we have no intentions of dropping projects unless we feel like there is not enough of a chance to complete them.

What happens now?

Well, we celebrate the temporary move to Florida, for starters. Outside of the Disney College Program, there will be many opportunities to explore the area and find new things to do for both in- and out-of-house products!

Otherwise, we recommend that you request for your photography and videography services TODAY before you lose your chance to. Services can be requested by emailing tntproduces@gmail.com.

Cheers to the Unlimited Possibilities!


Taylor Townsend

Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of TNT Productions